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Jesus Christ

Witnesses of

'Twas the night in Bethlehem

This Christmas song was written for children to sing and tell the story of the shepherds who saw angels proclaiming about the birth of a new born king! The shepherds witnessed the coming of Christ on this Earth. It must have been an amazing event to behold. I used the cello for the vocals in this piece. 

He made me whole

This piece is about the man with palsy. He is being carried and lowered down from the roof to be healed by Jesus. I'm sure that as he heard of the Christ coming into town, he had only one desire, to be healed and made whole. His faith in God gave him hope. He was a witness of our Savior. I pray that you can find peace and hope in whatever trials you are going through. God loves us and will make us whole one day!


As I wrote this piece, I thought of how difficult it must have been for Mary to watch her son suffer on the cross. She must have been devastated. While composing, I tried to picture the tragic scene of loosing a loved one on a cross. I just couldn't hold back my tears. 

He healed me

While writing this piece, the spirit prompted me to write about the blind man who was miraculously healed by our Savior.

Like the blind man, do you often feel helpless or lost? Do you often feel like you can’t see the Light of Christ in times of trials? Do you often feel blinded by the worries of the world? Do you often think that God doesn’t see you? Do you often feel like complaining to God about your trials? I know I have.

Imagine yourself looking for the light when you are blinded by whatever you’re going through. We all go through hard life experiences and sometimes feel forgotten.

I testify to you that when we experience loneliness, darkness, despair, or misery, God does not forget us. God is here, with us. God knows who we are. God is real. God loves us all!

Man Of God

This piece is written about Simon Peter, the apostle. My intentions for writing this particular piece is to show how amazing of an apostle Peter must have been.

Sure, he must have done a few things the wrong way, but who hasn't? The scriptures taught that Peter denied the Christ three times, but the focus shouldn't be on that. The focus should be on Peter, a man who repented, who was obedient to his Master Jesus Christ, who loved the Lord, who preached the gospel to all nations, and who served others. He was a Man of God and probably the greatest missionary this world had, after Jesus Christ of course. I cannot wait to meet him someday!

The violin plays the melody for the vocalist.

My Savior, My Lord

This is the first piece that I wrote. I based this piece on Mary Magdalene who was the first witness of the resurrected Lord. The beginning of the piece brings out the stillness of the day when Mary was walking towards the tomb to visit her Master. She must have been heart broken when she found the tomb empty but when Jesus appeared, joy overfilled her soul.

This is how I hope our reunion with the Savior will be, that our soul will be filled with great joy!

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