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About me

Iaorana and Aloha! My name is Vaina Barton. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Tahiti. Growing up, I've always had a love for music and art. I think it's due to the fact that I was surrounded with music and art in my home. My father is the artist. My mother sang a lot of Tahitian folk songs on the guitar, and she also loved singing church hymns.  My brother, who is an amazing guitarist, loved to blast his electric guitar throughout our home. My sisters either played the piano or sang. I picked up piano from watching my older sister play. It amazed me so much that I too wanted to learn to play. I also remember sitting with friends and family, playing ukulele and guitar while singing songs. Music brought our family together!

In 2003, I moved to the islands of Hawaii to attend BYU-Hawaii. There I studied Piano Pedagogy and Art. Auditioning into the music program was tough and I put in the work. Love, patience, perseverance and practice has paid off.

Later in college, I met my "handsome prince" and we got married in the Laie Hawaii Temple. We have 4 amazing children, and we now reside on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The year 2020 was an interesting year for me, and everyone else I'm sure. I remember praying a lot and asking God about how to be better at helping others. I’ve asked God about a better way for me to reach the hearts of others to let them know and to testify of a Loving God. After praying so heartedly, inspiration to write music came. I felt prompted to compose music that lifts the soul. I don't consider myself a skilled composer for I haven't had the proper teachings for it and it's ok. I hear music and I write from my heart!

My hope is that you will be able to feel the immense love that God has for you as you listen to my music. If I achieved that, then I have served our Heavenly Father just the way He wanted me to.


God loves you! God lives! Jesus loves you! Jesus lives! Surround yourself with uplifting music, it will comfort you and keep you going like it does with me! I pray that uplifting music will bring you closer together as a family and with God.


This is my little family, we are four boys and two girls! I love my family, so much! My kids and my husband are my world to me. My kids call me "the yelling mom". I guess it's because I like to scream my kids names ALL the time. I would do that wherever we are because I think it's fun and I mostly want my kids to hear me. Children sometimes have selective hearing and don't hear their parents! Haha. Also, ask anyone who knows me, I will scream their names with joy whenever I see them. True story!

Late in the night is usually when my inspiration for a new piece comes. I write when all my kids are in bed because it's quiet. haha It's also a good time for me to wind down from my busy day and to feel the spirit. I sometimes cry by myself at the piano and that's usually my cue that it's a good tune for the new piece. The music always comes first before all the words so if the words don't rhyme, that's why!


 I'm a very happy person, all the time. Well, that's what people say haha! I do get sad sometimes, and you can definitely tell when I am. Anyways, here are some things that make me happy, besides playing the piano. 

Here we go (not in a particular order):

baking, crafting, painting, photography, sitting on the beach, playing with my kids, listening to  inspiring books (coz I don't like to read that much), going to church, going to the temple, having picnics in my room with my kids while eating Chinese food and watching a movie, going on vacation, waking up early and going to bed late, chatting with my girlfriends forever haha, going on dates with my husband, going on dates with my kids, discovering new places, trying new things, watching hallmark movies, singing (for myself) and to my daughter before bedtime, reading stories to my little ones, facetiming my family who live far away from me, planning parties and partying too, listening to little kids sing, dancing, sharing the love of God with everyone... and lots, lots more. 

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